“I have been an active member of the Newman House at Binghamton University for four years and I can truly say that it has become a home away from home

Every time I walk through the doors of the Newman House I am overcome with feelings of comfort, love and friendship. Sister Rose has wholeheartedly created this unique environment that allows us to feel part of a second family, when our immediate families are far away… I have learned to embrace a life where I cherish every moment. The Newman House holds a special place in my heart and my experience here stands as an unforgettable highlight in my undergraduate education at Binghamton University. “

Jessica Biagiotti ’16

“These connections, that make up the community of the Newman House, will be unbreakable and share a special bond in my soul that will stay with me forever even after I leave.”

Rhonda Drewes ’16

“I’ll forever be grateful for the opportunities I have had to continue being a faithful Catholic and to share my experience with others.”

Paty Acipreste ’18

“Starting college can be a stressful and challenging time. The first time being away from home, far from familiar places, people, and experiences can understandably leave a person feeling a longing for a community to belong to and people to call their friends. I know that it did for me. I consider myself to be extremely fortunate that I discovered the Newman House when I did. I first got involved in the Fall of 2014 as a Freshman just starting at Binghamton University, and I quickly realized that this community was exactly what I was looking for. I became fast friends with the other people there, people from a diverse selection of majors and backgrounds, all brought together seeking to grow in faith and zeal for Christ. I still count some of those people among my closest friends. I remained involved throughout my whole time at Binghamton, holding positions, running events, attending talks, going on retreats, praying, eating, and just loving life with a community of wonderful people. The Newman house was really a home for me, a place that no matter how I was feeling I could go and have a good time with people who cared about me and that I cared about.”

James Zwilling ’18

During the past four years during my time as a student at Binghamton University, I have had the pleasure of being involved as a member of the Newman Association and to work as part of the Service Committee. I am incredibly fortunate to have had this opportunity and my college experience would not have been the same otherwise. Attending weekly Mass and Eat Pray Love allowed me to foster relationships that I hope will continue long after graduation. I have been blessed to be surrounded by incredibly kind-hearted and compassionate individuals with whom I have made memories with that will last a lifetime. The Newman House has helped me to grow as a person in many ways and taught me a great deal about my faith. I have had the opportunity to participate in and plan impactful service opportunities to benefit the community such as mission trips to help those whose homes have been impacted by flood damage and teaching Sunday School at a local parish. The Newman House has become like a second home for me and for many others as well. Our director Sister Rose has done an incredible job of growing our organization into what it has become today and fostering a sense of community. I will be forever grateful to her and everyone I have gotten to know through this Catholic Community on campus.

Sara Sutton ’19