Dear fellow students and community members,

In light of the recent events, we, the Newman House Catholic Community at Binghamton University, want to extend our support to our Black brothers and sisters, as well as to those who face injustice and discrimination daily. As a Catholic community founded on love and equality, we are heartbroken as we mourn the death of George Floyd and countless others who have lost their lives to racism and violence. We must put an end to this violence against marginalized communities.

Here at the Newman House, we are constantly striving to provide a space where all feel welcome, regardless of race, gender, sexuality, religion, age, or stage in life. We wholeheartedly believe that we are all one body, all brothers and sisters in Christ, and as Catholics that all life matters.

As a Catholic community, we commit to dismantling our biases and seeking equality for one another. We encourage all to seek the resources necessary to become more educated on this issue and to ask questions in order to increase our own awareness of the experiences of others. In addition to educating ourselves, we strive to find ways in which we can take action, such as through donating, voting, or otherwise acting to demand change. We must put an end to racism and inequality with the hope that together we can work to eradicate these injustices.

Our prayers are with those in our country and those suffering around the world, that all may have justice, peace, and reconciliation with one another.


The Newman House E-Board

The Newman House Catholic Community at Binghamton University welcomes you: no matter your race, religious affiliation, gender, sexual orientation, your personal history, or your past or current affiliation with the Church. Whether you want to be involved in service, faith sharing, social events, liturgy, or any combination of these services, we are delighted to have you and hope you feel comfortable in doing so. Please know that you are welcomed, loved and accepted in this place. Our community is made better through every individual’s presence among us.

Students who attend secular colleges and pray at campus Newman Centers have John Henry Newman to thank. Below, Pope Benedict XVI celebrates the beatification Mass of Cardinal John Henry Newman at Cofton Park on Sept. 19, 2010, in Birmingham, England, in front of more than 60,000 faithful. Cardinal Newman was canonized a saint Oct. 13 in Rome.

Our Mission is to serve the spiritual and social needs 
of the students at Binghamton  University through campus 
ministry and build a Christ-centered community  of
 worship, service, social activities,  leadership and  zeal for the Gospel.


Newman House is located within walking distance from BU’s main campus at 400 Murray Hill Road, Vestal,NY. From East Drive

Follow the walkway through Newing College residential community between Bingham and Broome Hall.

If commuting, on-street parking is available on Murray Hill Rd.

God be glorified in us always