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RENEW at Binghamton
    The Word on Campus!

What is RENEW?

RENEW is more than just a prayer group. It's made up of small communities of students rooted in Christ, coming together once a week to share faith, friendship, service, and scripture.

Each RENEW group meets once a week, in the evening, with people who live in that community. It provides a free-flowing hour or so of community, consisting of: opening prayer, icebreakers, highs and lows, reading and discussion of the scripture for the upcoming Sunday (including application questions), and closing prayer. Individual groups can follow whatever format works for their members, and may also enjoy making music, dinner, movies, or other activities parts of their week.

Where do I show up?

RENEW is currently held on Sundays at 6:15pm (right after 5:00pm Mass) at Newman House.

The following are times and places for each community's RENEW Group, as well as the contact person(s).

Community Location Day/Time Leader Contact
Apartments Darien 103 Tuesdays 7:00PM Jacob Gagnon
Hinman Smith Study Lounge Wednesdays 6:30PM Alex Angstrom
East Campus (Mountainview, CIW, Dickinson, Newing) Onondaga 2nd Floor Lounge Wednesdays 6:00PM Sean Moran,
Diana Shcherbenko,

Is it all about the small groups?

Our weekly meetings are done on a community level, but periodically the Newman House will invite RENEW members to take part in service opportunities in the Binghamton/Vestal area, make weekend retreats available, and host socials after Masses now and then.

How else can I get involved with the Newman House on a regular basis?

The Newman House also encourages students to serve right at Mass every weekend! Possibilities include:

We hope to see you at RENEW or at Masses this semester!

(Please direct any questions to Alex at