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It's hard to believe that we are already about halfway through the semester! March tends to be a hard month academically: midterms, applications for internships and summer jobs, so many choices on the horizon about classes or life post-grad (eep!). And through this all, through all this noise and business, we're called to retreat inward, to go into the desert with Christ and focus on this relationship with God. And a lot of us think in answer to this: adding yet ANOTHER thing to my list? There are only 24 hours in a day!

But consider this (keeping in mind that I, the PR rep for the Newman House, am not a genius theologian; rather just a person with a daily Lenten reflection book): we can't appreciate the feast without the fast. However much thought and prayer and intention we put into Lent, we will see it come to fruition immeasurably on Easter Sunday!

So! Confused as to what that means for you? Curious to explore it more? Need a community to build you up and support you as we walk in this desert (or just in the mood to make new friends)? Come check out the events on the Newman House this Lent! Connect with us on social media, come to anything outside of mass that's piquing your interest! In fact, Stations of the Cross have started up again, Fridays at 7:30 in the chapel (right after Eat Pray Love). Can't wait to see you there!

Lent comes providentially to reawaken us, to shake us from our lethargy.

Pope Francis

February in Review

Women's Discernment Group: The first meeting of the semester for the Women's Discernment Group was held this month! What a great opportunity to come together in community and faith have some rea talk about God working in our lives and decision. Thank you very much as always to the wonderful Sr. Rose for hosting and providing dinner and thank you to all the new faces who came out. Remember, if EPL doesn't work for you, there are so many other opportunities to get to know the Newman community!

Newman House GIM: The Newman House, being newly SA chartered (woop woop!) has evolved to the level as an organization where we can host a GIM! We are so grateful for everyone who attends mass and our events who implicitly made this possible (and thanks to all those who came through of course!).

Catholic Trivia Night: On Wednesday, February 12th, a trivia night was hosted at the Newman House. Fun was had by all who attended so make sure to keep your eyes peeled for the next event this coming month (hint hint, another movie night!).

Intercollegiate Catholic Retreat: The Binghamton Newman Association traveled up to Fayetteville NY (just outside Syracuse) to take an overnight at Alverna Heights retreat center. There we communed with SUNY Oswego's Newman Center and had a great time taking some time away from the world and meeting other young Catholics to share faith with.

Adoration and Praise and Worship: Like every other month, biweekly either praise and worship with music or silent adoration was held in the Newman House chapel. Again, this would be a great resource to add to your routine for Lent! Keep checking online for upcoming opportunities!

Fat Tuesday Krispy Kreme Fundraiser: Thank you to all who supported us this month by purchasing some Krispy Kreme donuts when we sold them in the marketplace: yes, purposely right before Lent! Hope you all enjoyed it before you started fasting from sweets ;).

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