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Past the Halfway Point!

We're over halfway done with the fall 2017 semester! I trust that it has been a crazy whirlwind that has come through a lot of labor and somehow so quickly! However, sometimes the pace of daily life can feel more like a sprint than a marathon. And the thing about a sprint is that it's not sustainable - you collapse a lot sooner the longer you try to sprint. So how do we all stay sane during this time of hustling in the semester? Especially because moving forward things aren't about to slow down? Well, I can sincerely say that all of us at the Newman House hope you can find a little respite here with us!

As we are deep into the semester, we have been very busy in our community as well! It here that we would like to thank everyone for participating in what we offer and being a part of this home-away- from-home. Whether it's coming to mass and sharing the Eucharist together as fellow young Catholics (JUST off campus), coming every week to share a meal at Eat Pray Love, joining us as we donate our time to various service projects, or coming to hang out with us as plan our social events! Thank you to everyone who comes to everything and has been for years, thank you to everyone who decides to take a chance and comes once.

Hang in there Newman House! We can see the finish line from here! Remember to practice self-care, whatever that means for you, a run the marathon, not the sprint! If you ever get anxious, overwhelmed, or feel like giving up, remember you always have a home with us!

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

Philippians 4:13

October in Review

Eat Pray Love: Meal plan starting to get a little tight? Well lucky for you, you can always count on a free meal once a week! The ever-talented Sr. Rose prepares a meal for us on Friday nights, which follows a brief, refreshing prayer session as a community to end the week! If you're ever interested just send a quick rsvp to Sr. Rose and stop by!

Mobile Food Pantry: As you may know, the Newman House participates multiple times a semester with St. Mary's food pantry to serve lunch. This month, we expanded to a different part of their ministry. This soup kitchen also partners with Food Bank every second Saturday of the month. A truck full of food donations parks here and volunteers distribute groceries to those in need. This Binghamton Food Bank station serves the highest population of clientele and is matched with the highest number of consistent volunteers. The Newman House is very happy to be a part of such a ministry!

Corn Maze: This month we had the second annual Newman House corn maze trip! Thanks to everyone who came out and tried their hand at finding their way out at night after Eat Pray Love! If social events and trips like this interest you, let us know! We love to put on cool opportunities for all of us to hang out!

Intramural Volleyball Team: New this semester! As you're looking to get more involved with us, we're happy to offer many more social opportunities too! Thanks to all who come out every week to put the time in for the team and have fun too! Be sure to keep an eye on our team as we progress through the playoffs!

Adoration and Praise and Worship: Like every other month, biweekly either praise and worship with music or silent adoration was held in the Newman House chapel. Again, this would be a great resource to add to your routine for Lent! Keep checking online for upcoming opportunities!

Sandwich Making: On October 23rd, the Newman House came together to make sandwiches to donate to the Salvation Army. Again, thank you so much to those who donate their time to us so we can continually accomplish amazing acts of service. Remember to keep your eyes peeled for upcoming events if you're interested in acts of charity!

Who Am I Retreat: Many thanks to Sister Rose for facilitating the annual Who Am I retreat. As always, this is such a great opportunity to take a break from the hectic semester and reflect on who we are as young Catholics and people trying to live their most authentic lives. Everyone who participated stayed overnight at the Newman House to really enjoy some time "away" from campus!

S'mores at the Newing Fire Pit: As the nice weather retreats from us, thanks to everyone who came out and enjoyed s'mores with us as we toasted them up at the Newing fire pit. We always look forward to the fun we can have together!

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